Hello everyone! The Patio Shop in Tallahassee Florida is a locally owned and operated concrete garden decor/yard art shop. We sell everything from outdoor birdbaths and fountains to benches and statues. We have a great deal of our inventory in the SHOP pages, and even more items for sale over on our Facebook page and Instagram! And don’t forget we have several How-To Guides dealing with gardening and concrete care so check those out before you leave! ♥

Below are a few FAQ’s that we are asked nearly everyday. If you have any questions you’d like to see here, fill out the little form on the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you. 🙂


Are all your products solid concrete?

All items we carry are made of solid concrete and are rather heavy. The weight of these items keeps them standing in your yard much longer than other fiberglass or plastic statues that will fall over during a storm or crack in the Florida heat.  Concrete items have bubbles and a little extra along the seams where they were poured into their molds. This is normal and can be patched up with concrete putty and the like.

How do I clean and maintain concrete fountains and birdbaths?

We’ve written a little How-To Guide on how to clean and maintain our concrete products. If you buy something new from us we recommend cleaning at least once a week and replacing the water in birdbaths and fountains. If left unruly for more than a couple weeks time, you will find green, red or brown algae buildup that may require some scrubbing. Mosquitos will also lay eggs in stagnant water, so keep up with it!

How long does concrete last? 

Concrete will nearly last forever, as we can see from the Roman structures that have stood about 2000 years! Intense heat or freezing temperatures have the most effect on the structural integrity of concrete. Frozen water can create hairline cracks that, over time, can expand and cause leaks. Intense, dry heat can do the same, which is why we recommend checking for these every few months. There are plenty of products on the market that can restore cracks, so just take a look at your local hardware store. Another little How-To Guide on the benefits of concrete as opposed to plastic and other substances.

Do you paint items?

We offer painting services for a fee, which we can gladly discuss in-shop or over the phone! Although concrete items have their own natural beauty and can grow rather interesting types of moss (check out our How To: Moss Grow Guide!) sometimes it’s nice to have a cement statue that looks like jade or marble. We have a list of colors you may choose from in the shop.

Do you ship?

We do not ship at the moment, but we do deliver outside the Tallahassee area. Give us a call and we can set up a date and time!

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